Need CEM chip count in synths

Paul Schreiber paults at
Sun Mar 9 03:09:47 CET 1997

Several people send me email last month assisting in the idex of "synth to CEM chip". Here is what I need:

Matrix (all versions)
Korg Poly6
Korg Monopoly
Prophet 5 and 10

I need the exact CEM chip count in these machines. Many said "I think blah blah blah is in their somewhere..." but I would like to have an accurate count.

I have info on the Siel DK600, which is SSM only. If somebody has a count of SSM on Prophet 5 R 1 & 2, please send it in.

I also was told some Roland equipment had CEM. Any ideas??

If I've left out others, let me know. The list will be at the site as soon as you folks send the info.

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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