H/P Bench Supply Question

Mark Pulver mpulver at midiwall.com
Sun Mar 9 07:33:22 CET 1997

Paul Schreiber (01:28 AM 3/9/97 -0000) had said:

>1) HP supplies marked +, G, and - ARE NOT negative (dual) supplies.
>2) The GND means earth (the third prong on the power cord) ground.
>3) The - means the "signal ground". Gee, it happens to be the "earth ground". 
>No minus here!!
>I spend 5 hours as a freshman in EE labs trying to get my Electronotes VCA to 
>work off a stupid HP supply marked + G - on the front. When a grad student 
>explained how HP marks their supplies, I almost heaved it through a window.

Oh man....  Add B&K supplies to that as well...

That solved a 6 month old question... Damn annoying!

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