Parametric EQ Schem

Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com
Fri Mar 7 19:28:55 CET 1997

Thanks to everyone who responded on this!

I'm glad there's still so many topics left to be visited here on synth-diy.

The "winning" answer to my request was Mikko who pointed me to the
following web page;

...that has the schems for the Rane parametric Eq. I went from there to the
slightly simpler pe15.htm page. All rendered in lovely PDF format! This is
really what I was looking for - an "off the shelf" 5-band EQ.

Now if I could just find a supplier for center-tapped and dual pots in
various sizes I'd be all set :).
It also looks like it uses some strange op-amps, but that should be easy to

Any suggestions on the pots?
I suppose I could give Rane a call :). How sneaky is that? Not only do I
copy their schem, but I get my parts from them as well.....   "Yeah...
uh... hi... I've got this here PE15 eq and my kid poured epoxy into the
cracks of all the pots - and I need replacements - how much?"

Any one know of a US distributor for Alps?

- Thanks,

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