Newbie Questions

J.G. Wong (Fiveman) adaaxs at
Sat Mar 8 04:04:50 CET 1997

I have a book, Electronic Music Circuits by Barry Klein.  It is rather
old but I think it may have been reissued, It is very good explaining a
number of approaches to designing or building  modules.  When I got it
it was too advanced for me as a builder so I picked up Electronic
Projects for Musicians by Craig Anderton, that was great. I also picked
up a copy of Build a Better Synthesizer by Thomas Henry (which I need a
copy of; nicked) .  I became a fan of his stuff and went and  dusted off
my old Polyphonies and Electronic Musician mags (I think some still
available).  I understand that Thom Henry has a new book of his
Electronotes articles available from: Midwest Analog Products (good
vendor).  Over the the past 12 years or so I have tried to order the
Electronotes Preferred Circuits Collection through the mail and through
a library but no luck ,several people have sworn to me that the guy is
still selling them but not as far as I can tell.  I do hear however 
that it is very good.  That's the little I know.  I'm sure the big dogs
on the list can point you at other  perhaps better stuff...  Guys??



Dana Woodaman wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have just gotten interested in building my own synth after looking at
> the Fatman from PAiA which looks simple enough for even a klutz like me
> to be successful with. I was wondering if there were any other companies
> that I should check out that produce kits; also any recommendations on a
> good book that will help me get up to speed with the basic techinques of
> circut board building; and are there plans anywhere to make modular
> synth devices and things like hardware sequencers?
> Thanks so much and I hope this isn't to basic for y'all.
> Dana Woodaman

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