Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Fri Mar 7 09:27:14 CET 1997

Hi all,
I've got the schemos and layout for a mono compressor/limiter/gate
circuit that was in ETI a few years ago. It's pretty fully featured,
with  Input Level, Trigger Level, Trigger LED, Hold Time, Attack and
Decay for the Gate and Input Level, Threshold, Trigger LED, Gate time,
Attack, Decay and Ratio for the compressor, which is a soft-knee type.
There's nothing hard to find in the parts list, and the PCB is Eurocard
sized or thereabouts I'll put it in the next batch of stuff to Josh,
along with the Moog modular and the datasheets for the MN3000 series
BBD's, the  LM13700 and hopefully the HT8955 ...

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