Heating etchant

Chris Crosskey chrisc at zetnet.co.uk
Fri Mar 7 08:07:14 CET 1997

Hi All and especially Juergen....
Heating etchant is something I normally do with a sink of hot water 
into which I empty a boiling kettle. Place the bottle of etchant in 
the sink, leave it ten minutes and it is hot. Admittedly I've got a 
heated bubble etcher so I only do this to pump some heat into the 
system before I start, like decide to do boards, put kettle on, run 
tap, put bottle in sink, make cup of tea, pour kettle into sink, get 
rest of gear out, UV first board, put first board into developer, pour 
etchant into bubble tank and turn heater to max, run second board in 
UV, first board into etcher, second board in developer (it takes two 
eurocards), third board into UV, keep a check on the first board, when 
it's nearly done, then third board into developer, fourth board into 
UV, first board out, third board into etch....etc etc... I reckon to 
have the first board out inside half an hour and then a board approx 
every fifteen minutes after that......
The bubble tank came from Maplins, costs about 70 UKP and was the best 
Xmas present I've ever got....

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