Fuck UPS, argh

Dale Einarson einarson at espresso.cafe.net
Fri Mar 7 04:43:40 CET 1997

Hey sounds familiar...
        I FedEx'ed a modular from Vancouver to LA and when I got it
( Overnight Express International:  Four days late, shipped to the wrong
country, as if Los Angeles was really in Zimbabouway? )

...! there was not one knob that was connected.  The PSU's transformer had
been shaken from its screews and the screws had cheewed up every bit of
loose wire.

        UPS can suck just as bad as the rest of them.  I have heard that
some of the bigger companies ( ups was one) have a"policy"  if it is not
packaged to take a 5' drop then too bad!  One of my friend says that if you
pack somthing saying FRAGILE that it is the one that gets kicked the most (
yes I said most).

        I would suggest using Carriers or moving companies because the
service is more personal and they are, usually, insured if you pay for it
or not.

My sympathies.
Dale Einarson

PS:  always get insurance!  My friend didn't think to check if it was  I
got $1300.00US "maximum international Lyable" oh did I mention my CD's
...could you imagine ervery CD in a case being broken , YEP them too.   :(

PSS:  I got my moog running last year, after 2 years of waiting for a
"rainy day"

>        My OB-1 arrived today, and is absolutely dead. I revived it to
>the point that the lighted switch for power lights, and the PSU gets
>current out to the PCBs but no noise, no lightup on the LEDs etc. It was
>insured, so as soon as the money gets to me I need a tech. It looks
>mintier than mint.. But it is not internally. :( Anyone reccomend a tech
>with better-than-average turnaround time and experience with oberheim
>gear thatwants to tackle a mint-all-around-until-shipped OB-1?
>        JAson

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