CA 3094AE

Magnus Danielson magda at
Thu Mar 6 19:51:59 CET 1997

>>>>> "VC" == VICTOR CERULLO <aiken at> writes:

 VC> I'm a new subscriber to the synth-diy list.
 VC> I'm looking for an integrated circuit, the (RCA) CA 3094. 
 VC> It's an old dual in line (plastic case) transconductance op-amp.
 VC> I need TEN or, at least FIVE of them.
 VC> Anybody knows where can I buy them?  I'll send you cash $$$ in exchange
 VC> for them.  Thank you.

Nowdays does Harris make them. Since you are in Italy you can either
contact Harris SRL or better one of their distributors (Eurelettronic
SpA, EBV Elektronik SRL, Lasi Electtronica SpA and Silverstar Ltd.).

If you don't have any information on these I could fill you out from
my Harris databook....


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