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Thu Mar 6 17:54:17 CET 1997

     Yes. Keep in mind that the MAT-02 is a dual NPN, and the AD-821 is a 
     dual PNP, so technically the AD-821 has the same pinout as the MAT-03.
     - Gene

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Subject: Re: MAT-02
Author:  POLARIS at VAX1.Mankato.MSUS.EDU at ccrelayout
Date:    3/5/97 6:00 PM

>Whats the pin out for the Metal Can version of the MAT-02? 
>My Books only have the MAT-04.
While we're on the subject, does anyone know the pinout for the metal 
canned AD 821 matched transistor?  Is it the same as the MAT-02?

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