ESQ-1 Bits again

[22Hz] Productions aphex at
Thu Mar 6 04:17:25 CET 1997

	Most everything is sold. Random parts are still available from 
the synth,  and the sequencer expander cartridge is also. I'm surprised 
it's still here. It's not the one that plugs into the cartridge slot liek 
a voice cartridge, it's the thing that goes in the back and ups the internal
sequencer memory storage to 60,000 notes from 20,000 or whatever. There 
has been some confusion on that. Also, the SSM chips are 2300's not, 
2030's (Whassa2300?). My typo. Sorry.. :) Those are still available as is 
the CEM3360 (Dual VCA, we think.) Anyone desperately needing a 3379, 
they're here. If not a desperate case, they're sold. 


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