Steven Varner svarner at
Wed Mar 5 08:32:38 CET 1997

Keith Sterling wrote:
> Although its not the ideal unit for mono analog systems all you need on
> your computer is two parallel 8 bit ports and a DAC,

My new Power Computing Mac clone isn't going to be 
sportin' any such beasties!

>or you could rework
> the pcb for a 100 ohm resistor ladder.  It looks to me that this would take
> about 3-4 hours.
> Keith.

Maybe for you Keith, but I don't even know what 
you're talking about  ;-)  Touch my motherboard? 
Never dude.  And knowing me, I'd probably spend 3-4 
hours figuring out which end of the resistor was 
positive.    8-)

Steve-"I just learned theory getting my physics 

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