etching solution

Saul Stokes n9540283 at
Wed Mar 5 04:56:37 CET 1997

I'm here to say I've reused the stuff ever since I bought it (Over two 
years now). It still works fine although it's a little slower. I'm 
keeping it until I die or until it's so thick with crap I can mix it with 
some concrete and make a sculpture out of it. Hell, if you wait long 
enough you can probably dump out the copper slop and recycle it:)


On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Steven Varner wrote:

> If you only etched one board I'd think you can reuse 
> it a few more times.  Just keep the stuff in some 
> kind of plastic reclosable container 
> (read:tupperware/rubbermaid) and keep using it for a 
> while.
> Steve

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