Midwest Analog Products

Wed Mar 5 04:06:30 CET 1997

I just had an experience I thought I'd share with the group...

This evening I went over to Thomas Henry's house to purchase some
things from his company, Midwest Analog Products.  Thom is a really
nice guy and he has a lot of interesting things to say, but what might
interest you all is the kinds of stuff he has for sale.  Stock changes
on an almost daily basis, but right now he's got loads of analog chips,
mostly SSM stuff, a few Curtis, plus the rarer parts (I just scored on
some tempcos that had just arrived today, plus an AD821 matched 
transistor!)  Thom also sells kits for synth drums, as well as offering
what may be the only manual of synth drum construction currently in
print.  Anyone looking for hard-to-find stuff should check out their
homepage at:   http://Prairie.Lakes.com/~map/   

Thom is definitely a cool guy who loves to talk analog, so let him know
if you have any questions.

(BTW, I'm not affiliated with Midwest Analog Products in any way,
other that as a happy customer.)


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