Steven Varner svarner at
Wed Mar 5 02:41:20 CET 1997

Hi (synth-diy),

A. Who supplies keyboards for diy synths (Pratt-Read, 
etc.)?  Where can I get them?

B. Is a MIDI to CV option a good one?  I noticed PAiA 
has a new one...  
Can any keyboard or computer with MIDI outs be used 
as a controller?  Musician's Friend has a Kaysound 
MK-4902 MIDI controller for 159.99.  Is this 
controller OK or should I just get some cheap Casio 
with MIDI out for a controller?

Wiring a keyboard seems daunting.  That's why I'm 
thinking MIDI-->CV.  (I also just ordered a new 
computer today!).  Some of you have made several 
keyboards.  Is it very difficult?

Steve Varner
svarner at

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