etching solution

Kim G. Hansen kimgh at
Wed Mar 5 10:24:03 CET 1997

Josh Brandt wrote:
> So, once I'm finished etching my printed-circuit boards, and I've got a nice
> pyrex pie plate full of partially-or-mostly-used-up ferric nitrate (or
> whatever I happen to be using), um...
> ...what the heck do I DO with it?

Well, here in Copenhagen, Denmark the county ( that's "local authorities" to all
you not-americans :p ) operates an " environment-van "  that collects toxic waste
off all kinds from households..
Another option here is to return it to the store where you bought the stuff, they are
required by law to collect toxic materials and turn them over to the relevant authority
for safekeeping/destruction..

So maybe you have similar options in your part of the galaxy..
If not i suggest you store it safely until such options become
available to you ( -or your ancestors :p )

Politically correctly yours, - Kim

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