SSM2040 IC Question

A.S.P. ms20 at
Tue Mar 4 00:46:36 CET 1997

I just finished building a multimode filter that uses the SSM2040 IC.  I
think it's from Electronotes 106.

WHen I first hooked up the circuit, one defect that slipped past me was
that I had a 10K resistor going from Pin 1 (stage output) to pin 5 (cap
pin) instead of pin 6, which is the next stage's input.  Will this damage
this IC?

I fixed the problem and powered up again. Just DC at all outputs except
highpass and the 2040 got really hot.  I'm guessing that I fried this one.
I put in a different 2040 and the circuit works somewhat, but still not
perfectly.  I get filtering at the lowpass and bandpass outputs, DC at the
others.  I've checked my layout and I'm sure it's ok.

I'm hoping that it is because of the circuit that these problems are
happening, and not because I bought some bum chips.  

Anybody know a source for good ones?


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