Korg 01/W makes strange beep... LCD problem? Advice needed!

D. Schouten daniels at pop.xs4all.nl
Sun Mar 2 23:56:00 CET 1997

> Hi list!
> My 01/W beeps! That is, not in the audio output but by himself,
> immediately when I switch it on.
> The tone seems to come from beneath the data-entry slider.
> It's a high pitched one, maybe C#5 (should be 555Hz or something).
> This is getting on my nerves when using it in my silent room..
> My guess would be that this is produced by the LCD or the LCD-driver, I
> somehow recall hearing about that. Seems the driver produces a high
> frequent voltage for the illumination ?!?
> I sent an email to Korg-USA service, the guy who replied confirmed that
> the LCD-driver *might* be the cause of the problem.
> Did anyone here have a similar problem, maybe on another synth?
> I'd like to get more information before looking into this complex
> beast..
> Regards,
> Daniel

I've got the same problem here too with a 01R/W. The sound is 
generated somewhere in the display driver section. I think it's 
caused by some kind of a resonating inductive component.

I didn't modified it yet because it's not the biggest noise maker in 
my studio. What about a PC running the sequencer or a humming 
Soundcraft power supply. (does anyone here has the same experiences 
with Soundcraft PSU's?)  

(hmm, this is the third time in one week I replied to another Daniel)

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