PCB layout findings

Steven Varner svarner at sdcoe.k12.ca.us
Sun Mar 2 22:42:32 CET 1997

Hi and thanks to all,

I received a number of private mails and although 
some people have turned to press and peel, the 
Sharpie pen from Sanford has been used and 
recommended by many.  I had heard this somewhere 
before... the ink is water resistant and must have 
enough plastic or something to withstand etching.  
Those fine and extra fine resist pens do have a 
striking resemblance to the Sharpie pens don't they?

In regards to Mac software, I spent a few long nights 
looking through archives and on the Web for software.  
A German fellow has made a font for schematics but it 
doesn't seem to work well as it's based on a German 
keyboard layout.  The key strokes did not correspond 
to those in the documentation.  There are a few 
simulation apps too (like Dr.Circuit).  No PCB 
shareware I could find.  MacCAD PCB is available, and 
I may have to lay out the money.  Do a search for 
this if you're interested, I didn't bookmark it.

Sooo...  I may have to make some software.  I can use 
HyperCard to make a schematic and layout stack.  I 
won't make it too complex though.  Converting a 
schematic to layout would be hard to write code for.  
But you would be able to click buttons and design a 
layout from a schematic you've sketched.  This would 
at least let people print to press and peel sheets 
without having to draw everything on a graphics 
program. I can scan some of those rub on layout 
sheets at work (unless someone has a home scanner and 
wants to email some 1:1 scans to me).  I can cut and 
paste the elements as buttons in HyperCard.  I can't 
promise this anytime soon though.  IF I ever do it 
I'll post a notice to diy.

Steve Varner

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