PCB etching and layout

Chris Crosskey chrisc at zetnet.co.uk
Sun Mar 2 20:40:48 CET 1997

Steve Varner wrote.....

>B. What do you use to remove the paint after etching 
>(what is most effective)?

Isopropanol shifts a multitude of things, don't use white 
spirit/turpentine or acetone, they all have a habit of soaking into 
the PCB's, especially the cheaper paper-fibre ones.

>C. If I do decide to do a PCB layout, does anyone 
>know a layout program for Macintosh?  I want cheap 
>(ie. shareware) software if possible.  I haven't 
>found any on the net as yet.

I wish you luck, but the Mac never really caught on amongst 
engineering types, though if you have n Atari emulator, there were 
several Atari ST packages. The reason the ST got them was because of 
all the college programmers who had them ten years ago, whereas Mac's 
were way too expensive for students. 
Sorry I can't help yopu on that one, although there are PCB CAD 
newsgroups, don't have the address right now....

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