PC speaker?

Kevin Sidlar sidlar at loon.norlink.net
Sat Mar 1 08:53:47 CET 1997

> Is anyone aware of a tracker program that will use PC speaker?
> I know a program called Impulse Tracker does but I'm looking for some
> type of program that is PC speaker native (something old). 
> Something that's going to put out really nasty 1-bit sound
> but not a bunch of channels mixed down to PC speaker quality
> (if I want that, I can listen to AM radio). 

Might I suggest Fast Tracker II?  Not only does it support PC speaker 
when nessecary (well..  it sounds like crap, but then everything through 
the PC speaker will...) but it has almost all the features of Impulse 
Tracker, with, IMHO, a better interface.  

I believe it can be found at ftp.cdrom.com/pub/demos/music/trackers...

And as long as I'm posting...

I'm considering building a synth and integrating one of my half-dozen or 
so spare C64's as a very programmable controller, waveform generator and 
ADSR generator.  Has anyone else done this?  Is this a wise thing to do? 
I know it'll save money...  :)

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