Question about panel

mark verbos verbos at
Mon Jun 30 05:45:57 CEST 1997

Jay Vaughan wrote:
> At 11:36 PM 6/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >Upon Dave Fulton's suggestion I am asking if the person who created the
> >panel for the AMS1 kit has any more left.  I know that I am very late
> >for this but I heard Dave's today and MUST build one or purchase one
> >that has not been completed.
> >thanx in advance
> I would like to add a resounding "ME TOO" to this -- anyone that has the
> kit and wants to sell it, or perhaps has one that is not completed and is
> interested in passing it on, please consider me second choice after Wayne.
> I think the ASM-1 is definitely my next DIY synth project...

I also would like to add the "me too". I would like to construct one,
but I would hope there is a front panel still available.


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