Erik Schuijers eriks at stack.nl
Sun Jun 29 15:06:14 CEST 1997

Hi guys,

it has been quite a while but I'm back! Tomorrow (monday) I'm having my
last exam (energy-whatever) and then it's synth-building time! I've got
loads of ideas stacked in my mind! 

Anyway, to keep it short! I was thinking about altering a doepfer MCV1 into
an Midi-2-trig converter! This should be really simple! Am I correct if I
think so? You could pull out the DA-converter and make some little logical
board which would decode like e.g.:

c-1 Bassdrum
c#1 Snare-drum etc...

C-2 Bassdrum & Snaredrum
C#2 Bassdrum & Hat etc....

The logical part must only be followed by some sort of retriggerable

I don't know how midi-2-trig converters look like but I'm really thinking of
giving it a try!



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