AW: Quadra Phaser clone is working!

Don Tillman don at
Fri Jun 27 19:02:22 CEST 1997

   From: Haible Juergen <Juergen.Haible at>
   Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 10:45:45 +0100

   >How noisy is it without the 4007 circuit?

   I haven't checked yet. The most astounding thing for me was how
   absolutely noise-*free* it is with this cheap little compander.
   I think I have heard some popping with very fast transients, however.
   The compander is quite on the fast side.

The worst case of companding noise reduction I've ever heard was when
I taped myself playing solo jazz guitar on a dBx-equipped cassette
deck.  It was the neck pickup of my favorite guitar (a Rickenbacker
370) with the highs turned down a bit, preamped and plugged directly
in, played in a Pat Metheny style.

Now most electronic equipment would not have a problem with a signal
like that, right?  Well, this recording sounded nothing like the
original performance -- the expanded noise added a little chiff at the
beginning of each note, and with so few highs in the original signal
that chiff was not only distracting, it competely covered up the
original syrupy transient of the guitar.

So solo jazz guitar is my torture test for any device that uses

  -- Don

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