Holy Grail of Synthesis, The Middle Ground DI

Thu Jun 26 04:21:00 CEST 1997

From: chrisc
Subject: Re: Holy Grail of Synthesis, The Middle Ground DI
Date: 24 June 1997 21:22

You wrote...

>I am looking into building an Elektor Formant modular synthesizer, after
>reading the compiled Word 7.0 document containing the articles, the front
>panels, the foils, and the component layouts, as well as all the other
>relevant figures, I was piqued :)

Arrgh....DON'T DO IT....at least not until you've got hold of the
UA726C's you'll need, and even then be very careful, you'll ahev to
make the front-panels yourself, and the PCB's and the wiring's a
horror....I know, I've built lumps of one already, and keep promising
myself I'll finish it.....you'd be way better off with an ASM-1 to
start off with, at least you can add the Digisound stuff that doesn't
need Curtis/CEM stuff (and most of the stuff that needs CEM can be got
from Paul Schreiber), and the Modulus stuff is compatible too....or
you could beuild a Modulus instead....or one of Bjorns
things...anything but a Formant ......

Is it really that bad? I've got the front panel diagrams right here in front 
of me.. and is that Resonance Filter Module any good?? It seems great in 
theory.. hmmm.. I have heard good things from people who have built formants 
:/ .. oh well... The only problem I seem to be scared of at the moment is 
trying to match transistors...

>I do intend to also study the mathematical theory behind various 
>aspects, so that I may attempt a synthesizer design based on DSPs (a la
>Wavetable, Physical modelling, FOF, whatever). The sky is the limit :)
>Or would a virtual (software) synthesis approach be more viable?

Hmm... sounds interesting....real-time soft synth modules, especially
VCO's or very flexible VCF's would be the obvious place to start..

A la CSOUND ?? :))



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