303 cloning...(again??!)

Pierre G. siliciumalpha at toulon.pacwan.net
Tue Jun 24 14:28:34 CEST 1997

Greetings y'all!
I just wanted to say that I'm currently working on building my own
303-clone. I thought it could be interesting to collect few personal
thoughts from different poeple on the topic.
My clone will be the EXACT replica of the original 303, except for
BTW I'd like to ask what kind of pots (linear or rotative) for sound
control should be better (ie for live act etc.)

The clone will also have the original genuine 303 sequencer, w/ a new
switch/keyboard design, such as the MC-303.

At this moment, I've built one 303 sequencer, stand alone, and it triggs
anything in CV/Gate. It features slide + accent outs. Patterns Memory
has been doubled, so it can stores up to 128 patterns.
A midiclock to Dinclock converter has been added, to acheive
synchronization from a computer or other midi-gear.

I can built 6 (yes, only six, shame on me!) genuine 303 sequencer for
now, but I hope more in a few month. I can built a 303 clone, only the
analog part, stand alone; or the 303 sequencer stand alone; or the
complete setup: analog+digital 303 sections.
All will be built w/ genuine parts, no equivalents transistors, OpAmps

I thought about a monster, analog303 sound generation + 303's sequencer
+ cv/gate in/outs + slide and accent in/outs + vco in/out + vcf in/out +
hard/soft vco sync + FM VCF modulation + a digital delay section + a
phaser section + a sub osc + few other goodies (ie VCF self osc, tempo
control, step-by-step). I can alos add a Midi to CV/gate interface,
v/oct and Hz/V, + midiclok to dinclock device. 

I've built a SubOsc in my 303 about one year ago, and it sound nice, but
the VCF low end wasn't to low to render the 4 lowest subosc notes. I
gave up the subosc idea. Several month later I came accros a simple
trick to improve the vcf low freq range. I have to try again the subosc
w/ modified VCF.

The next bid thing I wanna build is a 909+808 clone, w/ 909 type
sequencer built-in. I have all parts to, but the only thing i don't have
is most important........TIME! 
Thus I'd like to have your impressions, and suggestions. 
Best regards,
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