Pro-ones, standards, and modules.

Jim Blair dino at
Sat Jun 21 17:43:11 CEST 1997

Hi all!

I (like many others on this list!) am in the planning stages for the big
modular dream machine.  I've been accumulating schematics and info for a few
months now, and am grateful for the open sharing of information between
synth enthusiasts. 

Being new to the hobby and to the list, I do have a few questions.

What technical standards are people favoring?  1v per oct seems to be the
norm for keyboard CV, but what about trigger/gate?  CV and VCO output level?
I/O signal impedance?  Are there other, less commonly known, standards that
I should be aware of before I start?  (I'd hate to build myself into an
"unexpandable" corner.)

I've recently aquired a dead Pro-one.  The previous owner said "It smelled
bad and then started smoking".  (Which also somewhat describes the previous
owner.) So, if the damage is too extensive, I may use it for parts for the
first module or two.  Has anyone had a similar experience with this synth?
Does anyone have tech info? What are the "standards" for this synth?
(1v/oct etc).  I'm wondering how extensive the damage is.

Last question. (for now!)  This one's kind of a survey.

When building your first few modules, and with limited funds, would you
favor less VCO's and more processing?  Or, using the "no substitute for
cubic inches" approach, would you go with more oscillators and a couple of
basic VCF's and VCA's, adding the more exotic processing later.

What are your ideal "start up" modules?  Let's limit it to, say 8 or so modules.



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