Driscoll synth?

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Fri Jun 20 16:10:34 CEST 1997

At 03:43 PM 20/06/97 +0200, Matthew S. Padden wrote:

>>the strangest modular system construction i saw was the *driscoll* 

>Anyone have any more info on this machine?

why yes...this was a modular system built by an electronics person at
LaTrobe University(Victoria  Australia) based as far as i can see on
electronotes and serge circuits, there are a number in australia, mostly
breaking down these days.....
mr driscoll a couple of years took a deposit from me for a filter with a
voltage controled Q....never saw the filter but thanks to the office of fair
trading got my money back a year or so later....like those !? chess moves
driscoll is brilliant but unsound i fear.....he later got involved with a
high tech security system based on comparing simultaneously changing pixels
in the output of two cameras pointing from different angles at the zone of
interest.....this was put together i think by one of the Fairlight synth
people who wanted a gesture/dance controller.....it was knocked back by
Roland who suggested the penological application, but they priced it far too
there is one system working in Melbourne that has been used in dance
i do not believe the patent would withstand a challenge, am sure this was
done in Edinborugh in the late 50's.....
Paul Perry

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