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Fri Jun 20 15:45:02 CEST 1997

At 04:20 AM 20/06/97 -0400, The9thDr at wrote:

>I find it interesting you mention Legos. I am still quite a fan of Legos.
>(I'm 22 years old) Legos come in several levels:
>Technik(sp): more mechanical. gears, pulleys, pneumatic systems, electic
>moters, etc.
IMHO a major failing in much analog synth music is the static & boring
nature of the LFO's....but if you incorporate Leggotecnik(sp) by moving
little magnets over linear hall effect devices or lights or shadow producing
objects over photo resistors you can make very nice slowly developing
themes....and if you are lucky enough to have a cv to midi convertor why
there's an endless composing machine right there....
what i'd really like to see (and hear!) is a purely physical
(non-electronic) realisation of a modular system....maybe someone has a
whole lot of fluidics logic & control devices left over from the early 60's.....

paul perry

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