DIY schematics

Josh Brandt brandt at
Thu Jun 19 14:56:34 CEST 1997

> Several people have written about being new to building synths and are 
> looking for schematics.
> web (in fact there are schematic web pages, eg. DMZ), but these are very 
> few and lack much of the textual explanations for the circuit parts that 
> I find very helpful (as someone who is not a professional electronics 
> person). 
> The many books by R.A.Penfold and Delton Horn, especially the ones they 
> wrote specifically about electronic music.

...The Penfold synthesizer book is in a couple of formats on my web page,

It includes a lot of textual information about the circuits. I've been able
to build two oscillators and two filters with a minimum of trouble. They
aren't the most incredibly stable little modules, but they aren't bad...


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