Evil Kit Plans

Matthew S. Padden m.s.padden at huddersfield.ac.uk
Thu Jun 19 12:10:32 CEST 1997


Paul wrote:
>I do plan to "re-issue" the Digisound modules, one by one, starting in 
>October. I could do it much sooner,
>but I have 2 more "non-synth" projects in the way.
>Price: averaging about $125 from me, about $150 after you get done. 
>Some cheaper (mixers/S&H/noise gens)
>and some more $$$ (quad EG, Hex VCLFO).
>User input: hey, I'm not buying these, YOU are! So send me all the 
>email you want on pros/cons/desires.

My desires: PCBs that are smaller than the original Digisound size. I'm 
currently relaying these for my own system, and have got the board width 
(ie across the connection edge) to 4.5inch or less (they now fit in a 3U 
rack vertically). You'd still be able to use these boards in a standard 
size DG system as well.

My (potential) cons: are PCB-mounted pots/sockets a bad idea? Cumulative 
strain from usage might crack the solder connections.....

Roll on October!
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