Couple of inquiries....

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Wed Jun 18 22:50:30 CEST 1997

Hi People....
I gotta few questions to ask.....

Does anyone know what the CAD newsgroups are called.... I have an 
HP7475A plotter and I need to work out what the DIP switches are set 
to currently so I can mirror them with a serial buffer I just bought.

Does anyone have a spare SSM2040?....I guess not...OK, has Juergens 
discrete-component wequivalent surfaced on a site anywhere yet....I 
have a circuit that needs a 2040, but I could make it out of discretes 
easily enough...

Does anyone want some PCB's made for the Maplin/ETI 4600?.....I'll be 
making some for Antonio soon, if others want them I might as well make 
them then....they'll be undrilled home-etched ones, this is assuming 
Antonio doesn't mind BTW....

Does anyone have a CEM3335, or any info on it, can I replace it with 
any other CEM dual VCA, or even an LM13700?

Chris Crosskey

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