Hybrid banana + 1/4" patch system?

Tom May ftom at netcom.com
Mon Jun 16 22:44:22 CEST 1997

Here's an idea that I haven't seen in any of the banana vs. 1/4" phone
jack discussions: use banana jacks for outputs and 1/4" phone jacks
for input.

- Banana plugs stack for routing a single output to multiple inputs.
- 1/4" jacks allow normalized connections.
- 1/4" jacks provide a shield connection (on one side only so no ground loops).
- Difficult to accidentally connect input to input or output to output,
  yet it can still be done by stacking banana-banana patch cords.
- Mechanically robust.
- Can patch to other gear that uses 1/4" jacks.

- Have to build your own patch cords (?).
- Outgoing patch cords don't carry ground between systems (could be considered
  a pro).

No, I haven't tried this.


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