6 pin DIN cable for PG-200

Breandan Davey bdavey at interlog.com
Fri Jun 13 19:45:31 CEST 1997

Hi all, I just recieved a PG-200 for my Roland JX-3P.  Alas, it does not
function.  I checked the most obvious troublemaker, the cable, and lo and
behold, I found something unusual.  The cable is a 6 pin DIN cable for those
that don't know it.  On one end of the cable, all six terminals are
connected to all six leads.  On the other end, only five are connected as
follows ( o= unconnected, x= connected)

                                        o     o
                                        o  x  o

The unconnected lead was terminated by a clean cut, and there was no solder
on the terminal.  Does anyone know if this is the problem?  Does anyone have
the specs for pins?  Should I connect it and try it?

Please email me at bdavey at interlog.com, as I am no longer subscribed to the
list due to volume.  Thanks in advance...  Breandan.

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