NTE cross reference software

Synthfool at aol.com Synthfool at aol.com
Thu Jun 12 08:17:56 CEST 1997

Hi list,

I've put up a .zip (2.3 megs) of the NTE semiconductor cross reference
software on my server.


( *** I will only have it up there for a week or so.*** )

It's probably a rather copyrighted work, but NTE themselves sell the package
for an entire $4.95 simply to defray costs... that is, they really want you
to buy their parts!

So... this version is a year or so old and it's PC-DOS.
(I use Softwindows on my Mac and it works just fine.)

Also, 99% of the NTE cross reference parts are the same as the Sylvania ECG
If you cross a transistor out to say, an NTE159, an ECG159 will be similar.

(I also have the RCA SK series software, but haven't put it up...yet.)

As with any semiconductor cross reference software, be cautious with the
substitute component listed-
they aren't always the very best matches for some components.


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