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>	Sorry if this a bit off-topic; how do I go about establishing a replacement 
>insurance value for a custom-made synth?
>Thanks in advance

I can't resist this one!

1.      If replacement is for another custom-made synth:

        (Cost of Parts used
         + Cost of Parts you forgot you bought
         + Cost of Parts you bought but didn't need
         + Cost of Parts you wanted but couldn't find
         + Cost of Parts you blew up while breadboarding)

        + ((Number of PC Boards designed x Max number of hours spent designing)
        + (Number of Panels designed x Max number of hours spent designing)
        + (Number of Modules built x Max number of hours spent building)
        + (Number of Emails read or responded to on Synth-DIY x 2 minutes)
        + (Number of Modules built x hours of sleep lost debugging modules)
        + (Number of wires on your module backplane x 10 hours each)
        + (Number of trimmers x 2 hours spend making adjustments)
        x 2.5 cause you never get it right!)
        x Hourly rate of average Electronic Technician


2.      Cost of an equivalent used Moog, Arp or Roland System or $10K, which
ever is higher


3.      Cost of your divorce lawyer and settlement agreement!

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