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Soundwave [Chad Gould] cgould at
Wed Jun 11 16:38:05 CEST 1997

> Hi there,
> A bit off-topic, but I'm a little in the dark about this one. I turned down
> a Roland system 100 model 101 synth. It`s a small keyboard-synth with one
> VCO, VCF, ADSR, LFO. Apparently it belonged to a bigger system which the guy
> - unfortunately - didn't have.
> He asked Hfl 750 for it, which is about 325 USDollar. I thought it a little
> too much, since the synth itself was quite limited, having only 1 osc and no
> subosc.
> Now, the big question :)
> Did I do wrong on this? Is this thing rare? If yes, I'll still be able to
> get it. 

Sounds like he was actually offering the Roland SH-101... which is not
part of the Roland modular synth seris (System 100 I think is right?) at
all... the SH-101 was famous in the 80s for being that little keyboard
that people strapped on and tweaked like it was a guitar... more
recently, it has gotten popular again due to techno. $325 is the low
side of prices for it; I like it, but I'm not sure I'd pay $325 for a
sequencerless monosynth. Considering I got two polyphonic analogs (the
Juno 106 and the Matrix 1000, the latter being quite complex) for less
than that. (: 

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