Fatman's PCB part II

Vlado Banda vbanda at murga.hrt.hr
Wed Jun 11 15:36:06 CEST 1997

I'm looking for any kind of PCB layout for Paia Fatman. I know that I could
order PCB only, but for me (from Croatia) without any major credit card, 
ordering & bank transfer fees makes ordering for me nearly impossible. After
that I decide that is so much less fuss if I build it myself. Since I'm not
one of those who like to invent hot water, I would appreciate if anyone could
send me PCB layout (with components layout, of course). This can be .PCB file
(original Paia's or homemade), or just a pure scan of board (with components
layout again) if there is any of you who ordered Fatman recently, digital photo
of it, anything, this was just my ideas, really you can send any form of
component layouts. Please e-mail it to me (attach, encode, anything) or even
send photocopy by normal mail (Vlado Banda, Froudeova 7, 10020 Zagreb,
Croatia). Thanks for your time, and in advance for the board.

						Vlado Banda

P.S. I mailed once more 'coz it seems that mailserver cutout my e-mail
     In case he did it again here it is: Vlado.Banda at hrt.hr

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