JH-4 - first voice is finished !

Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com
Wed Jun 11 04:44:23 CEST 1997

Juergen -

I know you've been working on this one for quite a while
- it must be nice to see the results!

I have a few questions regarding this -

> the four cards stacked on top of each other,
> connected with two ribbon cables,
1. What gauge were the ribbon cable wires?
2. Do you notice crosstalk between the wires?
3. Did you put ground wires between each signal wire on the cables to avoid
cross talk?
4. Did you mount your jacks on the PCB as well?
5. I assume the pot board is mounted in a plane parallel to the faceplate,
or are the pots on the edge of the board?

- Thanks,

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