plastic pots & rotary controllers

Paul Perry pfperry at
Sun Jun 8 12:12:56 CEST 1997

has anyone had experience with 'plastic' as opposed to carbon pots?

also, anyone wanting an exotic pot could try the (expensive) official dunlop
wah pedal replacement pots, i opened one that had failed and it had a little
graphite block (like an electric motor brush) on the end of the wiper arm....
or it used to, it had worn right away......

if you like the feel of the knob on the  EMu Proteus modules, this is a
rotary encoder which only costs a few bucks, has phases outputs on the 3
contacts that say when rotation is one unit foward or back. i have seen a
cool application of this (in a microwave oven timer) where a microprocessor
looks at this and adds or subtracts large or small numbers on a register
according to how fast the knob is turned....this would be fantastic for
analog control, you would have high resolution when you turned slowly, and
large quick changes when you turned quickly was great for precision
pie warming....

Paul Perry (mfg Frostwave stuff)

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