(fwd) fatmod hardsync... Hyperreal Copy of GIF is bad

Synthaholic AKA The Shark chordman at flash.net
Tue Jun 3 02:01:11 CEST 1997

On Mon, 02 Jun 97 14:25:16 EDT, jburdon at VNET.IBM.COM wrote:
>From: Jim Burdon
>Subject: fatmod hardsync...
>Hey Scott,
>Was just thinking about when you mentioned that about half of the people
>who have tried the hard sync FatMan mod have had trouble... So I looked
>at my prinout of your schematic from hyperreal and some connections are
>missing... I looked at PAiA for a comparision and the connections to pin
>3 on the 555's are there... I looks like they scanned in a printout of
>your original schematic to put it up on hypereal and, as a result of the
>scan, lost a couple of fine horizontal lines... 
No, I sent a binary.

>Check it out on
>hyperreal and see if it looks screwed up to you (ie: missing the
>connections from pin 3 on the 555's to the DPDT).

Thanks Jim, and it *is* screwed up.  I even tried another FTP client
and it seems that the file is just plain trashed.

A clean copy of the GIF is available at:

I think it is the second schematic down the page.

Also, who is tending the Music/Machines archive these days?  Lately,
whenever I have tried to send to the incoming subdirectory, some wierd
group attributes get set and the file seems to be there, but it is
unusable.  I'd like to email the admin a clean copy of the file and a
couple of others I've tried to put up there.

Thanks again, Jim.  I never looked at it before this...
- Scott Gravenhorst (Synthaholic)

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