Cheaper photoresist PCB for UK subscribers...

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Sun Jun 1 21:27:27 CEST 1997

Hi Folks,
I've now found a source of PCB that is cheaper than buying it from a 
catalogue. The compasny's called Photomechanics, and they're based in 
Birmingham (UK). They maske the PCB for Maplin's, RS 
etc......Basically a 24 x 18 inch sheet (their stock size) is about 25 
UKP plus VAT and delivery. Delivery is about 6 UKP or a few sheets. 
This is a chunk cheaper than the catalogues. Conatct me at 
Chris.Crosskey at and i should ahve the phone number 
available, cos it's at work ATM. A Birmingham based friend reports 
that you can buy off-cuts for less than this, and ignore the VAT if 
you're paying cash, obviously some sort of fiddle, but who cares...


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