Trochotron tubes

Eric Barbour svetengr at
Mon Jun 30 21:55:26 CEST 1997

Matthew S. Padden wrote:
> Hi Eric..
> >
> >If anyone is interested in using 6700 counter tubes,
> >I have a small stash of them. They are apparently
> >used rejects--they work, just not perfectly--might be
> >intermittent or have one or more digit outputs that
> >hang up. Email to me if you want to buy/trade for
> >some. (I have data, schematics and even sockets.....)
> >
> Are these the same as the 'Nixie' tubes (I think that's the name) that
> show 0-9 digits? They were used in the EMS Synthi 256 sequencer
> keyboard, as well as numerous old cash registers.
> --

As i said, these were directly connected to Nixie tubes.
You amaze me...didn't you read my previous posts about
counter tubes?????

Counter tubes ARE NOT display tubes!!
(although some had built-in display capability)...they
are DIGITAL COMPUTING TUBES. They perform the same functions
that logic ICs do today.....without transistors!

Looks like I'm just in time with my Vacuum Tube Valley articles
about the tube-computer never ceases to
amaze me how little people know about anything older than

Eric Barbour
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