Companders (was: AW: Quadra Phaser clone is working!)

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Mon Jun 30 11:21:21 CEST 1997

	>The worst case of companding noise reduction I've ever heard
was when
	>I taped myself playing solo jazz guitar on a dBx-equipped
	>deck.  It was the neck pickup of my favorite guitar (a
	>370) with the highs turned down a bit, preamped and plugged
	>in, played in a Pat Metheny style.
	>Now most electronic equipment would not have a problem with a
	>like that, right?  Well, this recording sounded nothing like
	>original performance -- the expanded noise added a little chiff
at the
	>beginning of each note, and with so few highs in the original
	>that chiff was not only distracting, it competely covered up
	>original syrupy transient of the guitar.
	>So solo jazz guitar is my torture test for any device that uses
	>  -- Don

I hate this cheap dbx stuff as well. Give me Dolby C any time ...

The Quadra phaser has one great advantage: The CV for the
expander is directly connected to the CV of the compressor,
so it doesn't have to be restored from the compressed audio
signal. Makes things much better: You can compress with
a higher ratio without overal gain errors (at least I think so),
and you can use a faster envelope detector, because some
of the distortion produced by fast level changes is probably
compensated in the expander. (At least the direct signal -
not the phase shiftet, I think.)

Anyway, I'll try some mellow percussive input - As I am no guitar
the VL-7 will be the right candidate for this. So far, I have just
connected it to the Obie.


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