ARP parts

Charles A. Mann cam at
Sat Jun 28 06:14:58 CEST 1997

hello everyone,

I will preface my question by saying that I have searched the archives
to no avail (synth-DIY and Analogue Heaven).

Is there a person\company that bought a boatload of ARP parts some time
ago and located somewhere in Montana?

I need some parts to repair an Odyssey and a tech at a repair place
mumbled something about a guy in MT that had purchased a TON of ARP

If I'm stupid\blind\brain-damaged and missed the archived stuff on
this, please flame me privately (ooohh, baby)

thanks very much for your help,
Charlie Mann

P.S.  I spoke with Phil Cirocco some time ago, but I don't wish to
bother him until I have to.

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