very high voltage one my MCU.

BJ zzynt at
Fri Jun 27 12:12:45 CEST 1997

Mark Pulver wrote:

> >Made a sound like a bass wolverine in heat.
> I think what amazes me the most about this is "how does one go about
> getting a power pole transformer, and just where do you get the 480(?)
> needed to drive it?" Can you really call the electric company and say "hey,
> I need a 100 amp 480 run to the house".
> :)

Hmmm,no problem for me i suppose, i have a nuclear power plant
not so far from here.

And now to something completely different.

Are there any interest on this list to poking around with
a small and easy to build,"computer to MUSIC controll board".

If there are, i could put up some schematics and pcb files(PDF) for
who are interested from my home page.
And also, free development tools,like a monitor,debugger,
assembler,dissasembler etc etc!(not the fanciest but usable)
The board are small(like one module of my MAS system rack)singel sided
PCB,uses a MC68HC11 series MCU a very poppular MCU and easy to program.
The board also have the choise of 32k SRAM(battery backup)or 8K EEPROM
for your program and/or Data storage.Midi in/out interface,12 bit AD7842
DAC unipolar or bipolar voltage out, a 16 channels of CV out.
8 channels of 8bit ADC in.
A open 8 bit port for addons like LCD,,,DCO board,,etc,,
To program this device you use the on board 68HC11 talkers and the 
RS232 interface for real time debugging/line assembling.(wery easy)
No hassling with reprogramming of EPROM's, just whrite your code,
down load and test.And if the code dont work ,just change the code and
load it again, and run.

Why do I ask:
Well, i would like se some small usefull software for modular systems,
and because I'm not the greatest programmer on this planet,
well i do have made some programming but only small things,
some wave table LFO's a very very small sequential drum machine,etc,
and thats it im afraid.

This MCU board are not the fastest, fanciest or best board
but i think it do have the power to do some  multi channel LFO/ENV
sequensers/ a programable drummachine,and other interesting things.


Regards BJ from smorgasboard country.

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