Trochotron tubes

Eric Barbour svetengr at
Fri Jun 27 21:29:38 CEST 1997

If anyone is interested in using 6700 counter tubes,
I have a small stash of them. They are apparently
used rejects--they work, just not perfectly--might be
intermittent or have one or more digit outputs that 
hang up. Email to me if you want to buy/trade for
some. (I have data, schematics and even sockets.....)

Also available are the names/addresses of distributors that
carry small quantities of such oddities. Usually they sell
for $20-50 each--not much call for counter tubes now!
One dealer I know in LA has Trochotrons, Beam-X tubes,
Dekatrons, Philips E1Ts (the Philips beam-counter tube
with a built-in decimal display), and other weirdness.
I have data and schematics for some of them.

E-mail to me for more info. (No, I won't send it to the
reflector, that dealer does not want to be bothered with
people calling up and asking questions).

Eric Barbour
Svetlana Electron Devices
Portola Valley CA USA

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