Lego and other HV things

Synthfool at Synthfool at
Fri Jun 27 20:55:30 CEST 1997

>. Trust me on this one.. I'm speaking from experience. :)
>He was talking about a Jacobs Ladder which is pretty benign - have one 
>in the studio and it makes no interference when I run it.
>A Tesla Coil however is quite the different beast!  ( Have a small one 
>of these in the garage)

Thanks for the "shocking" info ;-)

Curious how tall your jacob's ladder is. 
Mine was 4 feet high and it *did* take out a multimeter that was in the room.

It zapped, the meter read all "8's" and that was that.
Gone. Poof. I have a quicktime movie of mine "zapping" around here somewhere

My Jacobs ladder used a tesla coil however for it's HV.
It was a high frequency oscillator driving a humungous neon transformer
really, but it acted as a good substitute. Horribly inefficient, but I could
vary the frequency.


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