3340s gone

[22Hz] Productions aphex at ksu.edu
Fri Jun 27 02:45:09 CEST 1997

On Thu, 26 Jun 1997, Paul Schreiber wrote:

> Thanks to those that ordered: all 3340s now gone. But I will still hunt 
> them down from time to time! Stay tuned.

	Now may be a good time to announce my decision... I have 2 that 
were to go into some synth, but as ARF folded, my modular plans went too, 
and I no longer need them. a DAT and bigger mixer beckon, so I am selling 
my last couple chips:

	2x CEM3340  VCO    		$20/ea
	3x SSM2044  VCF    		$15/ea
	4x SSM2300  Octal S&H (?)	$8/ea or $25 for the lot
	1x CEM3360  Dual (?) VCA 	$20
	7x CEM3379  VCF/VCA/panner (?)  $10/ea or $50 for the lot
		Duane - yell if you still want them =)
	2x SSM2031  Beats the hell out of me. What are these? 
	2x SSM2056  ADSR 	 	$10/ea

	I'll discount huge orders (huge relative to what I have, that is) 
and prices include shipping anywhere on earth. (Airmail to europe is $3 
and takes 10 days tops, for the record..) Prefer prepaid COD, references 


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