Elector Formant Modular Synthesizer

Andrew Hartley 100743.2347 at compuserve.com
Fri Jun 27 01:47:41 CEST 1997


Recent mention of the Elektor Formant modular synthesizer, indicated a
compiled word 7.0 document of the articles exists.

>I am looking into building an Elektor Formant modular synthesizer, after
>reading the compiled Word 7.0 document containing the articles, the front
>panels, the foils, and the component layouts, as well as all the other
>relevant figures, I was piqued :)

Does anyone know if it is available on the Internet?

I have recently dug some partially completed modules out of the loft in an
attempt to try and eventually finish them, and can't find my early copies
of Elektor.

Can anyone help?



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