Ulu BenzoVozz smirnov at
Thu Jun 26 20:13:11 CEST 1997


thanks A LOT to everybody who helped me on these. i'd really like to use
all ideas in this machine, cause i'm really in love with continuously
variable sounds (and i've got a rich sponsor).

so, when Chris Crosskey wrote:
> ...try to find the Transcendant 2000's still buildable
> as it used normal components, but it continuously variable waveforms
> from triange to saw.....
, i immediately pushed the "net search button". found a nice
doppelganger page, tons of gnostic links and a page with bonsai images i
have yet to check out. a search for "Transcendant + 2000 + schematic"
gave just one page called "psyche's essay".

so, can anybody help me in finding these diagrams?

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